Cardo vs. SolGen: Netizens, personalities react to Calida threat against Coco Martin

Solicitor General Jose Calida responded to actor, Coco Martin recently. The abogado said that if he’s not the SolGen, he will make Martin eat his words.

One netizen quoted Calida to say that Martin thinks that he can solve problems similar to how he acts on television. The abogado said that real issues cannot be solved with bravado.

One even warned Coco Martin to lawyer up since he crossed Calida. The netizen warned that the abogado is good at scavenging for dirty laundry and will probably cost him more than what he expected.

Another netizen also pointed out the double standard being applied to Calida and Martin. He said that Calida’s thoughts are seen as attacks while Martin is recognized as his right to express himself.

On the flipside, many netizens are rushing to defend the actor. One said that it’s hilarious to see the abogado get so worked up over an actor’s sentiment.

Another reminded Calida that his salary as Solicitor General comes from people like Martin. She noted that the actor can freely express himself about how the country is being run as a taxpayer.

And finally, Ogie Rosa stated that it’s big of Calida to ask Martin for his contribution when he pays so much in taxes. He told the abogado to not even think about asking the actor about contributions or risk being shamed.

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