Bruce Rivera on Jim Paredes sex scandal: Not your fault but it’s not normal!

Atty. Bruce Rivera clarified his stance again after Jim Paredes confirmed that he was indeed the man in the online sex video.

The abogado noted that it is not Paredes’ fault and the main culpability lies with the person who dared spread the video.

WAIT!!!!Sinabi ko na nga na the main culpability is the one who released the video. But you are pushing the envelope…

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Rivera, however, pointed out that it’s not normal for a 67-year old to engage in online sex because it gives him the illusion of beauty. The abogado also slammed how Paredes called President Rodrigo Duterte “manyak” when he is the one engaging in illicit activities.

The abogado even added that Paredes is a self-righteous man who has no care for his Australian wife and family after he engaged in this. He wrote, “our President is with his partner and children in the same country while Paredes is in the Philippines away from his family. Now, who is normal?”

Luh, dami nasabi!

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