Bruce Rivera on Diez’s grandstanding: You will be forgotten too!

Abogado Bruce Rivera is bemused with how Gretchen Diez went about her whole ordeal. The abogado said that like many before her, she will be forgotten for capitalizing on her misfortune to propel ambition.

Rivera also slammed her claim that she is the voice of the LGBTQI+ community since it is wrong for one person to claim that as if she is the sole representative. The abogado likened it to that of Rosa Park’s insistence on keeping her bus seat but it was Martin Luther King who led the revolution in support of a bigger cause.

The abogado believes still that there are no manipulative victims. He noted, “I hope that Filipinoes still support the SOGIE because of LGBTIQ people like me who just like the rest of the Filipino people and not because of a forced representation of a diverse community.”

Wag gahaman!

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