Bruce Rivera throws a shade against Grace Poe as polls transmission close

Bruce Rivera mocks Alejano’s comment on latest Pulse Asia survey

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Atty. Bruce Rivera made fun of former Representative Gary Alejano’s poor performance in the senatorial survey. The abogado shared a screenshot of a headline that stated how Alejano is unconvinced with the result of the latest Pulse Asia survey.

Rivera listed all the odd things that happened during the time that the Liberal Party is leading the government. The abogado emphasized that they too have created many oddities that no one seemed to question.

The abogado even accused Alejano of calling Duterte crazy but threw shade at him for not being close enough to former President Noynoy Aquino. He wrote, “Aminin mo na. Nakapagtataka talaga na panay ang pagtataka mo. Pati ako, takam na takam este takang-taka din.”

Ayan na, labasan ng baho!

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