Bookworm 101: Chel Diokno lists his top 5 'woke' books

Bookworm 101: Chel Diokno lists his top 5 ‘woke’ books

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The Holy Week provided Senator Chel Diokno a small breathing room from the campaign. The abogado replied to a netizen who asked for his book recommendations.

Diokno amicably replied and listed the books he wishes to recommend. The top of the abogado’s list is The Quartet of the Tiger Moon (Scenes from the People Power Apocalypse) (1986) by Quijano de Manila.

The abogado also recommended Stephen King’s The Stand, Steven Pressfield’s The Legend of the Bagger, and J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. To complete the list, he wrote, “Gifts of Unknown Things by Lyall Watson — a true adventure story like no other, about nature and healing, and excellently written.”

Basa basa din pag may time!

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