Sep 14, 2021 @ 14:49

Bogus American Dick: Duterte mocks Gordon for trying hard to be someone he is not

President Rodrigo Duterte called out self-styled corruption prober Senator Dick Gordon, with his “Arrneow accent”. for his fakery.

“Others are trying to be a Chinese when they are not; and ikaw naman, you are trying to be an American na hindi ka naman talaga totoong Amerikano,” said Duterte in a briefing.

Duterte has previously picked on Gordon’s propensity to sound like an American.

“Yu know he talksfast. Dinadala niya sa usapang… G*** ka, hindi ka naman talaga Pilipino. Tisoy ka lang diyan. Eh kami dito, mga probinsyano. Probinsyano,” said Duterte.

In ar recent speech, Duterte also cited Gordon’s bias against China which was the rival of Americans in geopolitics.

“He is afflicted with Sinophobia. Galit ‘yan sa Intsik. Ewan ko, Amerikano kasi eh,” said Duterte.

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