Aug 25, 2020 @ 15:16

BOC chief of staff na, DBP director: Duterte surprised why ‘putangin*ng, balasubas’ Teodoro Jumamil has two govt posts

President Rodrigo Duterte is surprised why his fellow San Beda Law School alumni, abogado Teodoro Jumamil, has two government positions.

“I could not understand why he (Jumamil) was holding DBP director at the same time he was an employee of the Customs,” said Duterte in a late night briefing Monday.

Jumamil was appointed director of Development Bank of the Philippines in November 2016. He was named chief of staff of Customs Commissioner Ray “Jagger” Guerrero when the former general was appointed to the agency in October 2018.

Jumamil used to be a Deputy Administrator of the National Food Authority and Board Member of the Province of Northern Samar.

Jumamil, who passed the Bar in 1979, is a Master of Laws candidate from San Beda and a seasoned Bar Reviewer in Criminal Law and Political Law in leading law schools.

Duterte said he has long advised Guerrero to fire Jumamil due to his shameless corruption in the BOC.

“Si Jagger naman kasi I told him to fire Jumamil. Kaya sabi ko… But it took him quite about — quite about a lot of seasons to do it,” said Duterte.

“Sabi ko kay Jagger or through somebody, ‘Sisirain ka niyan. Kay ito si Jumamil, matagal na ‘yan diyan sa airport. Napaka-corrupt ‘yang p***** i** na ‘yan’,” he added.

Duterte said luckilly, the Ombudsman has suspended Jumamil. “Parang double whammy siya,” said Duterte.

Duterte said he has to unmask Jumamil’s corruption even though he supported his 2016 presidential campaign.

“We have been reining our horses for quite a long time out of friendship, out of gratitude helping me, so I had the help of this guy, the party of whatnot,” said Dutete.

“Pero I have to name him publicly for being… Ano ba ang tawag ko sa iyo? Sa Bisaya na lang. P***** i** balasubas ka eh. Alam mo bakit Bisaya ka, ang mahirap sa iyo sa panahon ko, you took advantage maybe because you helped me. And I want you to repay by just closing my eyes,” he added.

Duterte said he was close to firing Guerrero himself for coddling Jumamil despite his shenanigans.

“Sabi ko kay Jagger, ‘Bitawan mo ‘yan, ‘pag hindi sisirain ka’. Eh ‘di malapit talaga siya nasira.I was considering of replacing you, not because of anything. I can vouch na malinis ka. Problem is ‘yung — do not entertain loyalties especially in government. If you think that that idiot is going to destroy you, you destroy him first,” he said.

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