Blind item no more: Bruce Rivera reacts to Gretchen Barretto’s tax evasion expose against Kris Aquino

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Atty. Bruce Rivera reacted to the alleged tax evasion being spread by Gretchen Barretto against Kris Aquino. The abogado wrote it blind item style but all of the references refer to Aquino and her long filmography.

Rivera said that Aquino can get you discount on taxes for luxury items you bring in the country if you stay on her good side or if she likes you. The abogado also noted that we can see this happen in celebrity tax evasion cases that suddenly went away after it was reported.

The abogado also praised Barretto for coming forward with the story despite her personal connection to the story. To end, he wrote, “Tignan natin kung hindi kayo matutulala how many crap we allowed her to get away with.”

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