Mar 26, 2020 @ 12:45

Bilang na ang mga araw: Known ‘DDS’ allies condemn Koko Pimentel

Popular DDS online personalities have expressed their disappointment over Koko Pimentel’s actions amid knowing his COVID-19 condition.

A netizen compiled their reactions and wrote, “Koko Pimentel is carrion. The vultures are circling in.”

Mocha Uson Blog’s official Facebook page has also called for the Senator’s resignation for his “stupid” actions.

Sass Sassot called Sen. Koko a ‘pasaway’ and told him to ‘stay the fuck home.’

Lorraine Badoy called out the Politiko’s sense of privilege and questioned his regard for the sanctity of life he has put on risk. She wrote on her Facebook account while sharing a report by CNN:

“How terrible of Sen Koko Pimentel to insult Makati Med doctors (of which I was one a lifetime ago) by begging that they not discriminate against his wife and continue to please give her proper care.”

Badoy adds that Pimentel should be held accountable for two things: first, for endangering the lives of the health workers he have compromised, and second, for reminding the doctors that they are obligated to save his wife’s and child’s lives.

“First he endangers their health workers and patients by thinking himself above Covid 19 protocols set by the DOH and then he rubs salt on their wounds by insinuating that they would be so unprofessional that doctors would actually forget their Hippocratic oath and take out their anger on his wife. And then he has the gall to remind the doctors that there are 2 lives on the line- his wife’s and their child’s.

Imagine that. You need to remind doctors about the sanctity of life.

And 2 lives. This is what matters to this man. This is all he is concerned about. Not the potential and exponential infections and deaths his reckless behavior has caused and will cause. Privilege is obscene and ugly as hell.”


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