Bersamin addresses 800 court sheriffs

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Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin on Monday spoke before around 800 court sheriffs from all over the country during the 20th National Convention and Seminar of the Sheriffs Confederation of the Philippines at the Kingsborough International Convention Center in San Fernando City, Pampanga.

Reminding them that they are at the “grassroots of the judicial machinery,” Bersamin exhorted the court sheriffs to do their job efficiently, effectively, and promptly.

“Know that the manner of your performance of your tasks and your discharge of your responsibilities will significantly influence how the general public will perceive the entire judicial machinery.”

Bersamin also said court sheriffs should steer clear of any act or omission that may tend to undermine their integrity and reputation as judicial personnel, and that may erode the faith and trust of the people in the courts and in the administration of justice.

The Chief Justice underscored, “When in doubt, therefore, bear this in mind: your primary obligation is to serve the people first and foremost. Serve the people in the best way you can and do not halt or waver in this dedication to your work. The people expect nothing less. The people deserve nothing less.” #

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