Jul 2, 2020 @ 8:15

Bastos! Abogados, netizens calls out Boying Remulla’s disrespect to ‘Lupang Hinirang’

A viral video of Representative Boying Remulla writing down a note while the national anthem plays in the background is making its rounds online. The congressman is being called out for the blatant disrespect to “Lupang Hinirang” which violates several laws.

Remulla has since apologized for his behavior but quickly pointed the finger at “ABS-CBN people” who he believes spread the video.

Abogado Erin Tañada refused to let him point fingers. The abogado said that what he did just proved his disregard for the flag and the national anthem is his personal choice and no one’s fault but his own.

Filipino author Jerry Gracio also asked if he can be held accountable for his actions. The abogado said that he violated the Flag & Heraldic Code of the Philippines and must be penalized under the law unless he’s exempted.

Abogado Marky Tagala said that Remulla must be punished for his actions as to not promote double standards or special treatment . The abogado noted that Lupang Hinirang should be respected from its first and last note. He added that if ordinary people can be penalized quickly, the congressman should be too for not respecting the national anthem.

Patay ka! May video evidence pa!

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