Barry Gutierrez to Lorraine Badoy: Wag kang magmalinis!

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Atty. Barry Gutierrez skillfully discredited Presidential Communication Operations Office’s Lorraine Badoy after she attacked the Vice President. The abogado retaliated after Badoy said in the senate hearing that VP Leni Robredo is the “main purveyor of fake news” in the country.

As a response, Gutierrez decided to unearth all the fake news Badoy was spreading against Robredo. The abogado pointed out that her words have no weight after she thought that a high school publication is an “LP publication”.

The abogado said that she also have zero credibility after she mercilessly bullied Jillian Robredo and her classmates for correcting her. Gutierrez also pointed out that the work she does on PCOO centers on nothing but misinformation instead.

Boom, sabog! Why do they even bother to fight?

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