UPDATED Bar 2020: PALS Chair, law school heads talk about exam, reforms

It seems like the Bar 2020 preparations are well underway. The Philippine Association of Law Schools Chairperson Joey Hofileña and Dean JP Villasor met with Bar 2020 Chairman Marvic Leonen to discuss the upcoming exams. The abogados finalized the timeline, coverage details, and possible reforms that will be implemented this year.

It was shared that Data Privacy Act and Philippine Competition Law will be included in the coverage. Leonen also emphasized that the two examiner system will be maintained.

They also discussed possible reforms such as implementing a pass or fail system, digitalization of the exam, and regionalization that will add more testing site in Visayas and Mindanao.

The source of the forwarded message came from Dr. Virginia Lim. The abogado has issued a disclaimer that she only received it as well as a form of reference for everyone.

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