Bar 2018 hacks: Abogado shares top exam tip for aspirants

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Atty. Lee Arvin Gogo has a few tricks up his sleeves to share to this year’s batch of Bar candidates. The abogado noted that he feels it is important to spread the effective hack to make examinees answer the questions better.

Gogo said that Atty. Abelardo Domondon taught them to try and read the questions in reverse for better understanding. The abogado said that the exam questions are commonly structured in an overwhelming manner by bombarding the bar taker with facts at the beginning.

The abogado said that the reverse way of reading allows examinees to look out for the relevant facts that will answer the question posed at the end. This will eventually lead to a more crisp, direct to the point and concise answer that will work to the aspiring abogado’s advantage.

Trying won’t hurt!

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