Bad blood! Karen Davila sides with Gretchen Fullido

ANC News Anchor Karen Davila is standing with fellow colleague and reporter, Gretchen Fullido after she chooses to stand up to her alleged harassers in ABS-CBN. In a recent tweet, Davila made her position clear on the issue after many netizens clamored for her reaction online.

Davila stated that sexual harrassment is a big no-no for her. The veteran broadcaster also emphasized that there is also no room for victim shaming even if it involves some of her colleagues.

She wrote that these values are eternal to her person. This adds another pebble in the wagon of the currently tense relationship between Davila and one of the accused, Ces Oreña Drilon.

Drilon has since released a statement denying all the allegations against her. She stated that she has always been about forwarding women advocacies and shares that the false accusations are against everything she stands for as a woman.

Move over, Katy and Taylor. Sabunutan 2.0–Pinay style!

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