Oct 24, 2021 @ 10:32

Backdoor no more? Panganiban wants party-list reform via Constitutional convention

Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban knew it would be hard to pass a law that would take several politikos out of Congress as they themselves are the lawmakers.

Instead, the expert abogado said there’s another route to take for party-list reform that would bring back representation only to the real “marginalized and underrepresented” groups.

“Even President Duterte wanted the Constitution amended to abolish the party-list because it merely duplicated the work of the district representatives at an enormous cost to the taxpayers,” he wrote, noting that a counterpart measure was also filed by Senate President Tito Sotto allowing Comelec to disregard party-list groups who do not stand for the neglected.

“Unfortunately, the President’s proposal and the SP’s bill have not moved. I think that Congress, whether acting as a lawmaking body or as a constituent assembly, cannot be relied upon to reform the party-list. Only an independent constitutional convention can do it,” Panganiban added, saying he’s got election law expert Romulo Macalintal on board.

“The coming elections provide a new opportunity to reform the system by making it an issue against those who bastardized it—against the ultra-rich, the dynasties, the overrepresented, and the powerful,” he said.

“In a phone call, former senator Alberto G. Romulo said he joins me in asking Macalintal to file the necessary petitions that comply with the requisites of justiciability.”

How will this turn out?

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