Asa ka pa! Abogado tells Roque he will never be senator

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Abogado Eloi Sy, who worked for President Noynoy Aquino, slammed presidential spokesperson Harry Roque for his tirade against Aquino.

Roque recently made a remark that Aquino should have done more to protect human life during his time.

This apparently triggered Sy, and he even revealed that Roque once attempted to join the legal team who fought for the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea dispute.

“The degenerate Harry Roque strikes again. There is no way you will be Senator Mr. Roque. There is a reason PNoy did not take you seriously when I told him that you were applying to be part of the legal team that will bring up the WPS dispute before the arbitral tribunal. Yes you did approach me in UP and gave me you CVs etc because to your mind then ‘it was so brave of PNoy to stand up against China.’ What a scum – of the lowliest and ugliest kind,” Roque said.


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