Arc Tolentino looks sleek in Echiverri wedding

Atty. Arc Tolentino proves that he cleans up nicely as he attends the wedding of KingJohn Echiverri and Francine Lu. The abogado is a standout guest in his amazing blue suit and gray tie.

manners maketh man #aringandkingchin

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Tolentino posted a selfie before the ceremonies started where he looked rather smug and candid. The abogado also stood in front of a black Ferrari car to match his get-up.

He even used an appropriate tagline from the popular film, Kingsman. The abogado wrote “Manners maketh man” and used his friends’ official wedding hashtag: #aringandkingchin.

Out of the way, Piolo. Very papable si Mr. Abogado!

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