Aquino says failure to combat COVID-19 not because of lack of powers

Abogado Gil Anthony Aquino said he is against granting President Duterte emergency powers to deal with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) because

The Philippines’ failure to contain the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is not because of lack of powers but because of incompetence, says abogado Gil Anthony Aquino.

He also cited the failure of the government to efficiently impose travel bans, purchase enough test kits and prepare contingencies for hospitals.

“Today, we see NO LEADERSHIP. The lockdown has so far been a mess on the ground because the leadership at the top has been a mess,” said Aquino.

“His presscons only sow more confusion and panic. It is obvious that he is not on top of the situation,” he added.

On top of granting policemen the power to arrest people at checkpoints even with confusing rules and inconsistent guidelines on the community quarantine’s implementation, Aquino also slammed the Duterte administration’s “history of abuse.”

“Quo warranto petitions. Martial Law. Franchise renewals. EJKs. Need I say more? Granting him emergency powers now is like giving a robber the keys to your house after he has been picking at your locks for almost 4 years,” he said.

“So, #NoToEmergencyPowers. Let’s see competent leadership under existing rules first before going to this extreme.”

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