Mar 25, 2020 @ 19:12

Angered netizens trend #KOKOCovidiot, #KOKOCovidiot-19 after Pimentel tested positive for virus

Netizens are angered by the alleged irresponsibility of Senator Koko Pimentel. The abogado has earned the ire of many after it was declared that he tested positive for COVID-19 and still exposed the Makati Medical Center staff including her pregnant wife by going with her to a check-up.

Economist, David Rosario used the hashtag #kokocovid19 in airing his sentiment against the senator and his colleagues. He called majority of the senators “a joke” after hearing about the news of his hospital visit.

One netizen also did not mince her words against Pimentel and used the hashtag: KOKOCOVIDIOT-19 on her tweet. She said that she just lessened the available frontliners because of his insistence to go inside MMC. She also added that the abogado should feel pity towards the Filipino people who are suffering due to the pandemic.

One netizen also listed down his misdeeds in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic after he supported the prohibition against tricycles. He likened this to his ignorance in still going to a hospital with his pregnant wife.

Netizen Reginald Vibar also gave a witty punch against Pimentel and said that he didn’t use his “KOKOte” when he roamed around, putting everyone at risk despite being COVID-19 positive.

Meanwhile, some wants to hold the abogado liable for his actions. Netizen Jim Gumboc said that the Philippines should try to imitate Italian laws and charge those who display symptoms but refuse to isolate. He believes that there is intentional murder if you are guilty of needlessly spreading the virus.

Despite the backlash, the wife of the abogado, Kathryna Yu-Pimentel has issued a statement denying the senator’s presence in the Makati Medical examination room. The abogado’s wife also slammed Makati Medical Center for insisting on a story that isn’t true.

To date, the abogado’s name is the number one trending topic on Philippine Twitter.

KOKOCovidiot or KOKOCovictim? You decide!

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