All lies! UP alumnus fact checks alleged Imee Marcos’ UP Law graduation

A concerned UP alumnus wanted to know for sure if Imee Marcos is once again fabricating evidence to support her lies. One Angelo Bernador Jr. double checked the University Yearbook for Marcos’ alleged year of graduation from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Bernardo browsed his copy of the 1983 Philppinensian, the University of the Philippines Yearbook to check if she is in there. Upon his verification, there is no sign of Marcos in any of the pages even under the UP College of Law page. She also did not graduate as a cum laude, contrary to her claims.

The UP graduate also noted that Marcos is obviously a pathological liar. He noted, “there must be a special place in Dante’s Inferno for those who pretend to have graduated from my Alma mater, for whatever political mileage that may be gained.”

Ang sinungaling kapatid ng magnanakaw? Lucikly, covered naman niya both!

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