Wednesday 12 December, 2018
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Alangan namang kami? Arvin Balag, Aegis Juris brods bail out on Solano after calling him to revive Atio

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The Grand Praefectus or top leader of the Aegis Juris fraternity did not even have the face to talk to the medical personnel at a Manila hospital where law student Horacio Tomas “Atio” Castillo III was brought to after undergoing hazing rites in September.

In an executive session, John Paul Solano, the primary suspect in Castillo’s death, told senators that it was Balag who told him and other fraternity brothers to bring the unconscious hazing victim to the Chinese General Hospital (CGH) in the morning of September 17.

Solano was summoned to the fraternity library by Aegis Juris member Oliver John Onofre because someone collapsed.

Solano said Balag insisted on bringing Castillo to Chinese General Hospital, even though the University of Santo Tomas hospital was nearer to the fraternity library where they met.

At CGH, Solano said he was instructed by Balag at the parking lot to bring Castillo to the emergency room.

When asked why he should bring Castillo’s unconscious body even though he had no idea what happened, Balag told him: “Ikaw na.”

Solano said Balag also told him to tell CGH medical personnel that he only found Castillo’s body at a sidewalk in Balut, Tondo.

When Solano approached a nurse at the ER to inform her about Castillo, he was told that someone should be left at the hospital with the patient.

Solano said he told Balag about the hospital’s requirement.

“Tinanong ko si Arvin, ‘Brod, kailangan daw may maiwan.’ Sabi niya, ‘Ikaw na maiwan.'”

“Eh bakit ako? Eh labas nga ako dito,” Solano told Balag.

In response to Solano, Balag said: “Alangan namang kami?”

When Solano insisted that it was his brods who should bring Castillo to the emergency room, Balag said: “Hindi kami magpapaiwan diyan.”

Solano said he had cursed his fraternity brothers for the mess they caused him, but nonetheless agreed to be left with Castillo at the hospital because he took pity at the law student.

Solano said that when he looked back at the parking lot to check on what his fraternity brothers were doing, they already left.

“Umalis na sila, so sabi ko I’m on my own,” he said.

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