Abogado shares own experience in police raid

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The legal world is still in shock with the arrest of three young lawyers from Desierto and Desierto law firm in a drug raid conducted by the police in a bar in Makati.

Now abogado Vic Ang shared a similar incident that he experienced last August 11. He was requesting a client nabbed from the police raid/buy bust in a bar and was also restricted by the police to enter the premises.

“Thinking that it was just SOP considering that the station was jampacked at that time, I showed my IBP id and politely answered that my client was one of those they nabbed from their operation,” he said, but the police repeatedly refused him entry.

“Di kailangan ng abugado dito, madaming nahulihan ng drugs,” they told him.

But he was adamant and attempted again to enter the bar. Finally he was able to enter by following a lawyer from the Public Attorney’s Office who was allowed by the police to come in.

“After reading several accounts of what happened with my colleagues in the profession, I still can’t move on with the fact na if isa pala sa suspects yung kaibigan ko nun and masama gising ko, malamang nakulong din ako since di talaga ako papayag na wala ako sa loob.
“The point is: Let’s wake up guys! It’s not supposed to be like this. The constitution is there for a reason. To the lawmakers and the gods of faura, you know damn well what needs to be done. To the general public: while we respect your opinion, please don’t defend this act. God is good but karma is a bitch,” he said.

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