Jul 28, 2020 @ 18:30

A word of inspiration and challenge: Rico Quicho addresses Batch 2020 Law graduates

Abogado and Law Professor Rico Quicho addressed his graduating students, sharing some words of inspiration and challenge.

He posted on his Facebook account, “Congratulations to all my deserving students graduating today. May you continue fighting for the rule of law for God and Country. Use you legal skills to protect human rights and uphold social justice. Shun the vulgarities of power, fame and money. Be true to yourself. And, always remember to be intellectually honest, have moral courage and consistency of purpose.”

He also advised his students, “study like there is no tomorrow”.

“Prepare for the bar exams as if there is no tomorrow. No ceasefire, free pass and digests in the bar exams. Do not leave anything to chance. You’re too legit to quit. Make your parents and families proud. God bless and Padayon!!!”

Congratulations, Batch 2020!

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