Wednesday 14 November, 2018
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Ain’t got time for love? Law student details how each hour of a week is spent

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Anyone who dares to associate themselves with an aspiring abogado or abogada needs to know what the priority is. This law student shares how this author sums up their week in an accurate breakdown.

The author advises aspiring abogados and abogadas to avoid falling in love in law school because their schedule simply cannot accommodate it. There is a deficit of 14 hours to accomplish everything they need to do in a week. So if an aspiring abogado or abogada must fall in love, he or she must fall in love with a law student as well.

The author said that this big time deficit also requires law students to cut out any surplus activities or cancel some of their leisurely activities. Strict routines prove to be very important given the amount of reading and studying a future lawyer needs to do.

Sad life nuuu!

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