Wednesday 14 November, 2018
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Hilbay’s got hugot: Ex-SolGen reacts to UP’s UAAP cheerdance comeback

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Atty. Florin Hilbay is the right man to have by your side. The abogado proved once again that his support for the University of the Philippines goes beyond its law school and can spill over to the famous UP Pep Squad.

The former Solicitor General hyped UP Pep’s comeback to the UAAP cheer dance competition hours before it started. The abogado tweeted that there is much to be expected on the return of the “Pep Squad ng Bayan.”

The abogado, however, seems to be changing his tone a little after the actual UP Pep performance. He hilariously showed a fanatic side after his niece was less than amazed by UP’s run.

The abogado eventually rationalized the underwhelming performance from UP with a life advice. He even shared a hugot of his own that UP’s routine just showed that in life, you don’t always fall into a safety net. He emphasized that is the true “Kwentong Isko”.

Spoken like a true isko! Rationalizing in defeat si Mr. Abogado!

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