Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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The Clash: Bruce Rivera responds to MTRCB officer over ‘minion-like mentality’

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Atty. Bruce Rivera refuses to silent on any attacks against his name. The abogado recently fought back against MTRCB Legal Consultant, Atty. Eric Mallonga, who apparently stereotyped DDS supporters for having a “minion-like mentality.”

Rivera started to defend himself by saying that he finds it worrisome that a public official is speaking generalizations just based on his feelings or personal thoughts. The abogado explains why he supported Duterte’s drug war by admitting that he was once hooked on Shabu and knows how these peddlers continuously victimize the poor.

The abogado said that it is harder to catch the big fishes in the drug industry because they are in other countries and we do not have jurisdiction there. He even stated that there is a need to instill fear in the poor to at least slow down the distribution of drugs in the country.

The abogado emphasized that Mallonga’s forceful inclusion of his name is downright condescending and judgemental. He said that unless his fellow abogado experienced what he experienced, he can never understand or stoop lower to where his support is coming from.

Eh patola din tong dinamay mo eh. Sorry ka!

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