Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Sorry not sorry! Fr. Ranhilio reacts to Mocha issue

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Ranhilio Aquino, dean of San Beda College of Law and member of the consultative committee on the federal charter, reacted to the issue of communications assistant secretary Mocha Uson’s stint in the federalism info campaign.

It has been reported that Concom spokesperson Ding Generoso is the one who chose Uson to lecture on federalism.

The group Coalition for Justice, meanwhile, used Aquino’s statement to depict the tension inside the Concom that seems to have risen from this issue.

“You use actors, actresses and Mocha when you want something raved about. That’s called Finagling. But when you want people to understand and to discern, you get serious and you ask the clowns to return for the intermission, ” Aquino earlier commented.

The Coalition took this to mean that Aquino was expressing disagreement about Generoso’s choice.

But the priest later clarified his statement.

“I admit having said what I am quoted as having said. I will not apologize for saying it except to say that I did not blame Ding Generoso, because I do not know who chose Ms. Uson for this. What I find most objectionable is my hair,” he said.

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