Tuesday 13 November, 2018
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Raquel Fortun remembers ‘CSI Cebu 1997’

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The controversial new movie about the infamous Chiong sisters murder case brought back memories of Raquel Fortun about the 1997 case, which she shared on Twitter.

The “doc for the dead” said she was consulted by the defense—the camp of Paco Larrañaga—to review the crime scene investigation (CSI) and findings on the alleged body of Marijoy Chiong.

She also autopsied the body of the judge who convicted Paco, Cebu Regional Trial Court Judge Martin Ocampo. The judge was found lifeless in a room in Waterfront Hotel in Mactan, just five months after giving his verdict in 1999.

But Fortun, having used her expertise at that time to examine the case, had her own verdict: PH criminal justice system stinks.

“Investigators started with a conclusion. So next they twisted facts or were blind to them in order to fit this conclusion. Witness accounts don’t always mean the truth. That’s why you need physical evidence to corroborate or refute,” Fortun said, as she discussed what she called the “CSI Cebu 1997” case.

“Chiong case is coming back to me. How did they say body was gang-raped when it was recovered decomposing? Crime lab tech on gross exam of panty saw “stains” he thought were semen. He touched them. As in. Positive daw sa Florence test. (Kapatid ng paraffin si Florence btw),” she added.

Who else is waiting for more of Fortun’s case files?

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