Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Mel Sta. Maria says Trump-Kim deal bad for Asia Pacific: China ang panalo!

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Abogado and Far Eastern University Institute of Law dean Mel Sta. Maria is not happy with the “agreement” between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

For him, this has negative implications to the U.S. and the Pacific region.

“The ‘agreement’ between Trump and Kim Jun Un may mean the total change in the power-balance in the Asia Pacific. The United States, through President Trump, promises to stop the joint-military exercises ( war-games) with South Korea. Trump views it as “provocative” and expensive without regard to the kind of leverage they bring against not only North Korea but also China and Russia. This will further embolden China to continue its military build-up in the Asia Pacific without regard to how much it will cost. There will be no pressure,both tangible and intangible, stopping it. In fact reports already have it that China has invited Kim Jun Un to pass by Beijing on his way to North Korea. There will probably be a celebration because clearly they had studied Trump very well and got what they wanted. It is really bad for the US and the countries in the Pacific region,” Sta Maria explained in a Facebook post.

And what does this development mean for the Philippines?

“As far as the Philippines is concerned, it would appear that the Philippines will now, under the Duterte Administration, further kowtow lamely to China, as it has embarassingly done, while Vietnam will fiercely resist this build-up,” he said.

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