Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Ora mismo! Shari’ah lawyers take oath after Bar 2017

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Some 191 new Shari’ah lawyers have taken their oath on Friday before the Supreme Court (SC) en banc session hall.

The SC Public Information Office bared Rohanifah Abdul-Rahman emerged as topnotcher with a rating of 90.40 percent, among the successful 191 out of 360 who took the special Bar examinations for the Shari’ah courts last January 21 and 28.

Abdul-Rahman was followed by Abdulkarim Hadji Ibrahim, Jr., with a rating of 89.35 percent, while Sha Elijah Dumama-Alba bagged the third spot with a score of 88.85 percent.

Adly Umpa placed fourth with 88.80 percent, next was Benyamen H. Salic with 88.45 percent for fifth, then sixth was Mozifa Ibbin with 88.00 percent, while Nurhainie Abolais and Arvin Sirad, both got 87.90 percent tiedfor the seventh spot.

Eight place was Nassem Sarangani with 87.25 percent followed by Hisham Panganting with 87.20 percent in ninth and Rayhana Faisal with 86.85 percent landed on tenth spot.

The SC PIO disclosed the full list of those who passed may visit this link:


Shari’ah is Muslim law, which refers to all the ordinances and regulations governing Muslims as found principally in the Qur’an and the Hadith, according to Presidential Decree No. 1083, or the Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines.

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