Saturday 17 November, 2018
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‘Mochang serious’? Law students react to Mocha Uson’s law school prep

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The aspiring abogados and abogadas reacted hilariously to this latest photo of Mocha Uson. The Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson gives a follow through after she recently announced her enrollment in Arellano University College of Law.

After Uson uploaded a photo of her law school books, her soon-to-be peers created memes and reactions using the same post. Here are some of the top picks:

This aspiring abogada who came out with a gift suggestion for Mocha:

Your Lawyer Says that he would rather catch Mocha reading books than spreading lies. The aspiring abogado also praised her for being a fast reader as shown in the photo she uploaded.

This aspiring abogada thinks that this is Mocha’s strategy to capture the attention of handsome upperclasmen.

This abogado who served a discreet burn against Mocha using the law books in front of her.

This aspiring abogado who claims that Mocha should not be judged. In fact, she should be a role model for all law students and speed readers alike.

This aspiring abogada who is not buying whatever Mocha Uson is trying to serve in her truly fake photo.

Another aspiring abogada is bewildered on the idea of Uson studying without highlighters or post-it notes.

This aspiring abogado who immediately used the photo as a teaching moment to correct Mocha Uson and her fake news peddling.

And finally, this aspiring abogada who called out Mocha Uson for being the pretentious child she used to be.

Wag kayo, baka may pa-photographic memory pa yan bigla!

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