Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Malacanang warns against court fixer RJ Sumera who uses his stepdaughter Isabelle Duterte as front

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Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque warned judges and justices not to entertain a “judiciary fixer” whom he described as “current partner of the former daughter-in-law of the President”.

He did not give names but the President’s eldest son, Paolo Duterte’s ex-wife Lovelie Sangkola, was now married to RJ Sumera.

Lovelie and Paolo separated in 2005 and had two children – Isabelle and Omar. Paolo is also presently married to January Navares and has two children with her.

Roque said Lovelie’s husband has been using the names of the President and his granddaughter Isabelle to allegedly fix cases with judges and justices.

“He is the husband of ex-wife of the son of the President. He is using the name of granddaughter of the President to fix cases. To the justices and judges, do not entertain this fixer,” Roque warned.

“He is not a relative of the President. It’s sad but he is using the name of presidential daughter. We can do nothing about it but he has no authority to use the names of the President and his granddaughter,” he added.

“So our appeal to the justices and judges, report it to Malacanang. Do not allow him. He is not the real relative of the President. The President is not tolerating it,” he said.

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