Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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‘Lulusot pa kayo?’ Abogado shuts down proposed class ceasefire

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Atty. Antonio Eduardo Nachura is a bigger genuis than his whole class combined. One of his aspiring abogados texted him about a possible ceasefire in class recitations.

Nachura’s law students even tried to bribe him with food and festive activities. The abogado’s reply made the aspiring abogado double in laughter after he successfully refused their offer in the most savage way.

The abogado said that he is all for having a party. On the ceasefire, however, he gave them the option of having the recitation for appetizer or dessert instead.

Atty. Nachura is a professor for the San Beda College of Law. The abogado also works for the ACCRA Law for civil, commercial and criminal law.

Fool me once? Asa ka pa!

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