Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Law students make Selena Gomez the new face of memes

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The aspiring abogado community has a love for a woman scorned! Abogado aspirants made Hollywood singer and actress, Selena Gomez, the new face of law school memes after she was spotted with a thick book in a cruise ship.

One was quick to make a meme out of Gomez’s paparazzi photos since every law student can relate to her. She captioned it with a hilarious comment that even if “vacation is life, but reserva troncal is lifer.”

Famous abogado account, Your Lawyer Says, responded to the tweet and asked why Reversa Troncal is Gomez’s reading of choice. The netizen explained that the book she is holding looks a lot like the bloated version of the Civil Law codal, hence, the reference.

Your Lawyer Says finally concurred and made a sweeping generalization about the meme. He wrote, “Selena is all of us!”

Can’t keep her hands to herself talaga!

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