Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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La Viña on Jover Laurio: She’s biased but…

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In an interview with GMA 7’s “Fake or Fact” program, abogado and academician Tony La Viña got real about what the words “biased” and “partisan” means in the context of Philippine politics.

La Viña was asked to comment on Jover Laurio, administrator of PinoyAkoBlog. He said that although Laurio is partisan and biased, it doesn’t mean everything she’s saying is a lie.

“It means though being selective about the facts to fit one’s politics. Both partisans, from all sides, and independent opinion makers are necessary in my view. I count myself in the latter, being able to praise and compliment the Duterte government for good things it does while also being able to criticize it for its failing and excesses,” he said.

Yun naman pala!

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