Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Kayo ang pag-asa! Sta. Maria drafts open letter to law students

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In light of the controversial decision of the Supreme Court to grant the quo warranto plea that ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno from her post, Far Eastern University Institute of Law dean Mel Sta. Maria wrote to law students to encourage them to continue studying the law and use it to serve the people.

“I know you may be confused as a result of this very controversial Supreme Court Quo Warranto decision. The fact that many of you are troubled says a lot about your concern for the rule of law and the Constitution. Are they in the precipice of falling apart you may ask?”Sta. Maria wrote.

But he said that this confusion is the reason why law students should vigorously study the law in order to have the legal know-how in understanding the impact of the ouster of the Chief Justice. He encouraged them to become the generation of lawyers that will make right what they think has been “grotesquely damaged”.

“These are challenging times that may lead you to question whether the legal profession you desire to enter is the noble and ethical vocation your professors say it is. I assure all of you it is or should be,” he said.

“Do not just know the law, make the law meaningful to you, to your family, community and to your countrymen/women. Indeed know the law and serve the people. You are the hope of the country.”

Make the Consti proud!

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