Wednesday 14 November, 2018
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Ka-abogado mo, gago ka! Duterte still in disbelief Jurado endorsed 75-year gaming franchise

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Three months after firing him, President Rodrigo Duterte still can’t understand what over former government corporate counsel Rudolf Philip Jurado when he gave a legal opinion justifying the grant of a 75-year gaming franchise to a free port locator in Aurora.

“Just imagine, ang draft niya … it does not really matter, it’s the final… it was not final. Pero ‘yung draft niya nakita ko. Ka-abugado mo, 75 years sa Nayong Pilipino? Gago ka ba? That’s why I fired Jurado,” said Duterte in a speech in Davao City.

Duterte fired Jurado in May 2018 for claiming that the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone (APECO) can issue online gambling permits outside its territorial jurisdiction. Jurado’s exit came amid rumors that he was getting secret allowances from government corporations.

“Imagine, 75 years. Sabi ko sa kanya, “Halika. Putan ina mo. Ang apo ko si Stone is barely one year. Ang ibig mong sabihin for 75 years magpunta ka diyan — he will have to gamble for 75 years of his life,” said Duterte.

“That will only mean corruption. 75 years, must be crazy. Kaya ako nagalit. Putang inang ‘to. Siya ang inuna ko. Long before… So better go out quietly, I’m firing you. But I will not make a fuss about it. Sira ulo. Then, 50. That’s too long,” he added.

The University of the East law graduate is the son of the late Court of Appeals Justice Desiderio Jurado. He was part of the pro-Duterte Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC). Jurado is famous for being a celebrity abogado with his clients including Robin Padilla, Anne Curtis and Joey Marquez.

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