Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Supreme Court Associate Justice Francis Jardeleza

Jardeleza: Bar exams a great equalizer of life

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In the eyes of the law, everyone is equal.

This goes as well to the journey in becoming a lawyer, and Associate Justice Francis Jardeleza reaffirmed this during his speech at the oathtaking of newly minted abogados on Friday, June 1.

“The bar examinations, for all its imperfections, is one of the great equalizers of life. As they say, wherever you come from, wherever or however you started, what counts is where you finish. So while today is an important finish line you have crossed, your running (towards a meaningful life in the law) has only just begun,” he said.

Jardeleza also shared some tips to the young lawyers gathered at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

“The first tip: Stay humble… Have empathy. Each time you celebrate a success, pair your humility with a good dose of relating to, and understanding, the pain and disappointment of those less fortunate than you,” he said.

“In all my work places, I have tried to abide by these two tips (humility and empathy). I have found that doing so has served me well as I think they will do the same for you. How so? None of us are perfect. It is inevitable that we will make mistakes. A life lived with humility and empathy, however, creates for you a bank, a deep reservoir of goodwill, from which you can draw in the event you stumble and commit mistakes,” he added.

Words of wisdom, indeed!

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