Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Atty. Bruce Rivera

Lunch gone wrong: Bruce Rivera reveals why he walked out of meeting with DDS

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Atty. Bruce Rivera is done tolerating backward thinking in their own ranks. The abogado decided to walk out from a DDS-sponsored lunch after the said man threatened them about being overly critical of the President Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet.

Rivera empahsized that he is all for the success of the President since they were the ones who elected him into his position now. However, the abogado also refuse to turn a blind eye at the corruption exemplified by his cabinet or the people around him.

The abogado also said that if they keep on letting these things slide, they will no longer be different from the previous administrations. He wrote that it is the corrupt people around him that should be stopped from embarassing the President.

No such thing as free lunch!

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