Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Gahaman Diaries: Netizens expose Lorraine Badoy for exploiting public funds

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A concerned netizen is appalled by Atty. Lorraine Badoy’s exploitation of public funds and presidential privilege. The said netizen claimed that Badoy is abusing its role as part of the presidential entourage as she bragged about their excessive travels this year.

Badoy went on a humble brag about the life she is currently living right now and how they use planes the same way they use Ubers. According to the abogada, she is starting to get used to airplanes because they always pick up the President in Davao first before jetting off to another country like China.

After their official business in the foreign country, they once again have to bring him back to Davao before they can fly back to Manila. Aster reminded the abogada that they are not using her money or the President’s money. They are using public funds shamelessly and bragging about it on social media, true to their corrupt reputation.

No need for smoke and mirrors. Harap harap na!

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