Tuesday 13 November, 2018
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Correcting ‘injustice’: Friend, relative of ‘Chiong 7’ speak up on controversial case

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A friend and the family of two of the accused in the Chiong sisters murder case recently rebutted the arguments of abogado Florence Lagcao.

Jourdan Sebastian, one of Paco Larrañaga’s friends who were supposed to testify for the defense, tackled Lagcao’s issues point by point, from Paco and his teacher’s conflicting stories, and the seemingly perfect testimony of star witness Davidson Rusia, one of the accused who also had a criminal record.

“There were more than 40 people saying he was in Manila on the 16th. From the early morning to the next day he was accounted for. Records also showed he was attending class all that time… Yet the burden of proof is still with Paco? Shouldn’t the burden of proof be with the prosecution? Shouldn’t there be an assumption of innocence before guilt. Shouldn’t the prosecution provide the tickets or even airline records proving he was in Cebu? Of course that was not needed because more than 40 witnesses who were all willing to stake their good names in court to testify Paco was in Manila… were all assumed liars,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jamie Andrea Uy, sister of accused James Andrew “MM” Uy and James Anthony Uy, remembers how their family celebrated their father’s birthday on July 16, 1997—the date of the supposed crime.

Jamie posted on Facebook: “I can easily recall what happened on July 16, 1997. I was a grade 3 student then.My brothers were with me the entire night; our eldest was on the phone talking to his girlfriend. My uncle brought native chicken, while my aunt was pregnant and due to deliver anytime that week. They pled with our lawyer to testify in court but were not allowed to do so. We were having a small bbq party at the back of our house.”

“I wonder if Rusia can say the same. Can he still remember the stitches of stories he made? I know where my brothers were that day. People again are going to tell me that family testimonies are biased, but that doesn’t change the fact that my brothers were inside our house celebrating our papa’s birthday the time Rusia said the rape or whatever happened in Guadalupe and Carcar,” she said.

The two are also appealing to the public to support a Change.org petition, urging President Rodrigo Duterte and the Supreme Court to review or reopen the controversial case.

Link to the online petition: Justice for ChiongSEVEN – case review

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