Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Freshie vs. Senior: Your guide on spotting them in law school

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Law students should not judge a book by its cover but an undeniable set of facts stands between a freshman law student and the senior law student. This guide sums it all up for you to accurately label the students you will encounter at one point in law school.

This aspiring abogado guide lets you in on the secret of spotting and distinguishing the two types of law students apart. It lists down their telltale signs from how they look, carry their books, elevator behavior, highlighting skills and location for debates.

The author of the guide even shared an anecdote about a passionate debate inside the restroom. Three freshmen students are debating over the “fruit of the poisonous apple” while a senior in a cubicle could not help but laugh at the newbies.

Sariwa o luma man, magiging abogado din yan!

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