Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Fake! Abi Valte calls government’s fishermen antic as ‘hugas kamay’

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Atty. Abigail Valte did not hold back in criticizing the press conference involving the three Scarborough Shoal fishermen. The abogada clarified issues and inquired on the matters of intimidation in the country’s contested waters.

Valte said that there were cases of intimidation in Panatag Shoal that happened during the Aquino administration. The abogada, however, noted that these were “precisely the reason why PNoy decided to go for arbitration.”

The abogada also said that the Duterte government should stop deflecting its mistakes to its predecessor. She believes that this is just an attempt to “hugas kamay” from the obvious indignation and abuse exhibited by the Chinese Coast Guard.

The abogada emphasized that friendlier relations with China are not doing the country any good. The militarization and harassment continue despite the victory in Hague that the government continuously overlooks.

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