Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Elmer Rabuya takes a stand on Aegis Juris and hazing issue

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Atty. Elmer Rabuya issues a strong statement on the idea of fraternities and initiation process. The Ateneo Law professor said that because of their mere affiliation, lives can be potentially ruined.

Atty. Elmer Rabuya felt pity for the Aegis Juris member who equally took the blame even though they did not engage in the hazing. These fratmen probably are stuck in silence in the name of brotherhood while their parents or loved ones live in fear.

Atty. Elmer Rabuya wrote a thought-provoking message to all fratmen in the country. He wrote “when you use the paddle, you also put your own life in peril”.

Paddle ng paddle, wala namang nararating!

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