Monday 12 November, 2018
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Why the sham? Daughter of abogado handling ‘Chiong 7’ case shares theory about case

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Cebu-based abogado Myrfi Gonzales made a compelling argument against the wrongful conviction of Paco Larrañaga and the other men who were tagged as suspects to the rape and murder of the Chiong sisters in 1997.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Gonzales revealed that her father, an abogado, defended one of the accused, Josman Aznar. She was still a law student when her father defended Aznar in the late 1990s, and she said she later on formulated conclusions of her own by closely studying the case.

For her, the accused have been telling the truth and that they are innocent.

“Before I state my reasons, let me dispel some false assumptions… Is it correct to conclude that a person notorious as a spoiled brat and guilty of mischiefs is necessarily guilty of a separate crime of kidnapping and serious illegal detention with rape and murder attributed to him? Is it correct to conclude that all rich people can hire the best lawyers therefore due process is assured? At this point, let us examine who the accused are. Are all of them brats and coming from a wealthy family?” she asked.

“When this unfair prosecution happened, I was very disappointed with the Philippine justice system. As a law student, I questioned the pursuit of becoming a lawyer. What was it for if injustice is allowed to thrive? It was a very difficult time in my life.”

“So if this kidnapping and rape and murder did not even occur at all, why all the sham? I do not have a sure-fire answer to that. But I have my speculations considering the reasons I cannot disclose. The question now is, who could be the powerful person behind all these? And what was his/her motive?” she added.

Looks like the case is much deeper than we thought.

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