Wednesday 14 November, 2018
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Danger! Sta. Maria warns public against Phil-ID

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As far as Mel Sta. Maria is concerned, the Duterte administration’s Philippine national ID system pose security risks and may cause more harm than good.

He said the proposed Philippine Identification Card or Phil-ID will record all of the cardholder’s transactions wherever, however and whichever agency or entity they are made. The information will then be stored in individual databases.

This is where the danger comes in, he explained.

“An isolated singular transaction may seemingly be harmless, but when recorded transactions have accumulated to a significant number detailing where you have paid your taxes, restaurant bills, deposited your bank accounts, records of your going in and out of the Philippines, the precinct where you voted, the hotel you slept in, the theaters you watched a movie, the birth of a new baby, the school where your children are enrolled, the hospital you checked in, the police HQ you reported to, and many others , then that is appalling,” he said.

He said such information may be misused by the government, and this may be the end of privacy in the country.

“The Supreme Court further warned: ‘The ability of sophisticated data center to generate a comprehensive cradle-to-grave dossier on an individual and transmit it over a national network is one of the most graphic threats of the computer revolution. The computer is capable of producing a comprehensive dossier on individuals out of information given at different times and for varied purposes. It can continue adding to the stored data and keeping the information up to date. Retrieval of stored data is simple. When information of a privileged character finds its way into the computer, it can be extracted together with other data on the subject. Once extracted, the information is putty in the hands of any person. The end of privacy begins,'” he added.

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