Tuesday 23 October, 2018
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Chika minute! Ethel Booba weighs in on Chiong Sisters case

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Comedian, Ethyl Gabison — more popularly known as Ethel Booba — finally speaks up on the revisited case of the Chiong Sisters.

As the new film, “Jacqueline Comes home” draws much controversy, she believes that there are more sides of the stories to explore.

Gabison joked that there are a total of 4 sides to a story. She made sure to list the important sides such as the perspective of the Chiong sisters and the jailed Paco Larranaga.

However, Gabison added two more to comment on how the general public is taking in the controversy. She said that there is a story told by people who just want to gossip about it and a story from those who actually know the truth.

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