Wednesday 14 November, 2018
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Lodi si lolo! Check out what greeted this Bar taker after 3rd Sunday

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In the abogado world, success knows no age. This bar taker may be the oldest in his batch but it never hindered him from fulfilling his dreams. Little did the aspiring abogado knew that he was in for a big and touching surprise after his third set of examinations.

A Bar Ops volunteer caught the moment when the lone aspiring abogado went down the footbridge after the Criminal Law exam. His face brightened up when he was welcomed with loud cheers and applause. One bystander even reached out to the Bar taker to shake his hands.

Previously, other Bar Ops volunteers spotted the same bar candidate prepping for the Bar alone. Despite his age, his belief in himself and dreams spreads inspiration to his fellow aspiring abogados and abogadas. This bar candidate’s determination to take the Bar is undeterred by his age and purely relies on his capability to achieve his dreams.

You go, Mr. Abogado! Prove that wisdom sometimes comes with age.

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